13th January, 2007 – Stob Coire Nan Lochan (Glen Coe)

Saturday’s avalance forecast was high so we (Jeremy and I) were wary about climbing any gullies as originally intended. We went up Stob Coire Nan Lochan from Glen Coe and headed up the left hand shoulder to the summit and then along the ridge and down the easier slope (Easy Gully) I had walked up one winter’s day four years ago. Despite not getting up any of the gullies, it was good to see the routes on offer and possibilities for the future – definitely some routes I’d like to have a go at and others I’d be nervous about.

The snow was soft and deep at the top (snow was only lying from the lochans up) and hard going. I was actually pretty miserable and wet through from half an hour from the car and my plastics were soaked through too from near the top. Good to see that you can walk in plastics though as this was the furthest by far that I’ve walked in them.

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I’ve never seen so much water on the hills and other walkers we passed said likewise. White water all the way to down to Glen Coe and water falls on the faces where there probably aren’t any usually. I think the rain was the biggest contributor but also the fast melting snow too.

Anyway, good to be back in the hills again after a long absence despite the bad weather – it can only improve I think!


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