26th Jan, 2007 – Stob Ban (Grey Corries Area) and Bothy Night

I joined a friend, Matt, for a two day walking trip in and around the Grey Corries with an overnight stay in a bothy which lies at the base of a number of mountains.

Our original intention had been to walk in to the bothy (a simple and remote shelter available for any one to spend the night in) on the Friday afternoon then get up early on the Saturday morning and walk up the first of the hills comprising the group known as the Grey Corries, Stob Ban, then along the ridges joining it and the remaining three mountains together before heading back out for home.

Friday January 26th – Stob Ban

As the weather forecast was looking better for the Friday than the Saturday, rather than just spend the afternoon getting to the bothy, we opted to walk up Stob Ban as well. After walking in to the bothy at a good pace, we lightened our bags by leaving our sleeping and cooking gear behind then headed up the hill behind just in time to catch some nice views at the top as the sun descended behind the low clouds and hills in the west. A quick descent thanks to a couple of swift bum slides down the steeper snow slopes at the top followed and we arrived back down at the bothy just as the moon brightened the rapidly darkening skies.

In the bothy we soon had our dinner on the go along with two other groups of two, one of whom was camping nearby. Afterwards, to stay warm the four of us remaining indoors were soon chatting away, wrapped up in our sleeping bags.

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