6th February, 2007 – Fuar Bheinn and Creach Bheinn, Morvern

I spent the night before by a roaring fire listing a few walking options which I could choose from based on the weather at the time. After breakfast and packing up the car, I was soon on my way to Morvern on the Ardgour peninsula by way of the five minute ferry from Corran.
My route for the day would take in the summits of Fuar Bheinn and Creach Bheinn along with three other summits along the way in a horseshoe shaped loop. Though the day started off clear and with good views, I spent much of the day in light cloud but with good views here and there in different directions so that I could piece together the overall view over time. The best views were actually saved for the descent and my eyes were stinging as I walked down facing the sun and its reflection in the sea below me.

A very quiet day that I shared with some deer and a few eagles and no other souls whatsoever. Finished the day off with gorgeous views on the way home of Glen Coe and later of the Cobbler silhouetted against clear skies.


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