17th February, 2008 – Beinn a’ Bhuird and Ben Avon

Sunday – Beinn a’ Bhuird and Ben Avon

Up bright and early, which was no hard task after so much sleep, in order to get breakfast then head up Beinn a’ Bhuird to catch the sun rise before continuing on to Ben Avon, our last peak. Though we did just miss the actual rise of the sun over the horizon, we still got great views of the oranges and pinks against the hills to the west anyway. Walking now was so much easier than the previous day as the majority of our carried in gear was still at camp or had been eaten!

East to Ben Avon and apart from the views which opened up along the way, there was interest too in the weird tors that stick up in seemingly random places, the best of all being the summit of Ben Avon itself which through the mist seemed almost like a hill-top fort or castle.

The walk back to camp seemed longer than the journey out but it wasn’t long before we got back and had lunch, tea and more tea.

After such a nice long rest in the sun, the walk out though mostly downhill was a bit knackering with the full packs back on and it was a relief to get back to the bikes. At least it was until I sat on my bike! Though I had been sore sitting down on the ground etc before now, it wasn’t till the saddle that had caused all the discomfort in the first place honed in on the pressure points again that I realised just how sore I was. It did however, make for a quicker cycle out just to get it all over with and we were out in about a third of the time it took to get in.

I must be blessed with good weather when I go to the Cairngorms as every day I’ve spent there has been sun-tan weather. Long may it continue.


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