31st May to 1st June, 2008 – Isles of Mull and Staffa

A visit to the Isle of Mull was supposed to be part of my trip round the north west of Scotland a few weeks earlier but with all I had done along the way I would have less than a day on the island. Not only did this seem to be a waste of the ticket, but it meant there wouldn’t be a night in Tobermory to enjoy nor could much of the island be explored either so I postponed the visit.

The weather forecast was good for the Saturday and so we opted to walk up Ben More and get good clear views then reward our hard walk in Tobermory with good eating, drinking and hopefully some live music too. Our intention for the Sunday was a boat trip out of Tobermory to hopefully see some wildlife and then squeeze in a visit to Erraid, a tidal island just south of Iona.


Our plans for Saturday stood firm and we had a great walk with some mild scrambling along the ridge, stunning views in all directions; isles of Jura, Islay, Tiree, Coll Staffa, Ulva, Rum etc plus loads on the mainland clearly visible, and a wee refreshing dip at the end in a pool with a waterfall. Bliss!

Afterwards, in Tobermory, we did have a feed and some drinks and watched an otter in the harbour preening itself (or was it scratching midge bites?) before listening to the first of two songs from a band who had taken so long to set up and get going, we were too knackered to stay for more.


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