28th February, 2009 – Paddle from North Berwick to Fidra and back passing Lamb and Craigleith

First trip in my new sea kayak and nice that it was not too calm so got to experience it in a bit of swell and with slight wind into, and from various directions along the way. Over twenty of us gathered for the trip and split into smaller groups of four or five before setting off for Fidra, which we circled then, found a lunch spot. The island seems to be used by a pair of ospreys one of which we saw up on top of the cliffs by the lighthouse.

From here we headed east, first passing the isle of Lamb then round the back of Craigleith and despite having had a head wind against us on the way out to Fidra, it now seemed to have reversed so that again there was a head going back the way we had come. Craigleith is the biggest of the group of islands by far but has quite steep sides so possibly not the easiest to land on. That said, the easiest looking side to land on was one I never saw up close but sure I will be back to have a closer look some time soon.

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