19th April, 2009 – Cycle and Walk up Beinn Bhuidhe

We cycled in about 6km, almost to the base of Beinn Bhuide before starting along a final kilometer towards the old lodge where the main path up Beinn Bhuidhe begins. Having seen a car park full of cars with no racks on them, it was quite a surprise to find more than a dozen bikes locked up at the end of the cycle approach.

The walk up the hill was nice to begin with, following a series of cascades and pools which I thought I may have a dip in on the way down. Soon it opened out on to a corrie, the high point of which at first glance looked like the top of the hill but was in fact a long way short. Over the lip of the corrie, the top was in view but still a fair way off and even once on the ridge itself, it still seemed a long way off – it is a while since we have been up a hill that has gone on…and on…and on but the views at the top in all directions were stunning (though hazy in the distance) so worth it in the end.

By now, time was getting on and the pools I had fancied a swim in were now in the shade so any interest in that was long gone and thoughts were on a hasty retreat and dinner instead.

Nice to cycle out after a long walk, much easier on the joints!

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