5th to 6th September, 2009 – Paddling ‘Round’ the Isle of Gigha

I joined a Scottish Canoe Association trip to paddle round the isle of Gigha.
Friday was a rush to finish work, getting away eventually after 8pm and on the road just after 9pm for the four hour drive west. It was actually a nice moonlit drive and I arrived just after 1am to a camp site nestling behind sand dunes and crawling with bunnies just in time to set up my tent under a heavy shower.

Saturday woke up early as suggested for the early departure to find nobody else moving so headed for the car to eat beakfast out the rain and wait for movement and first introductions with a group of people, none of whom I’d previously met. It was grey, windy and the sea was fairly choppy so once the group had gathered it was no surprise that a change of plan to taking the ferry over rather than paddling was made.

Once over on Gigha, we set up camp then headed off for a paddle, first north up the east (lee) coast, then south where we met a sudden increase in wind and wave size. Turnabout and short play in the surf on the skerries followed then back to base to get ready for a nice meal and lots of chat.

Sunday’s original plan was to paddle south to the nearby isle of Cara then back over ot the mainland but having brought the cars over on the ferry, this was no longer an option so we just headed back over on the first ferry.

All in a bit frustrating to have the paddling cut so short by the weather but got to meet some interesting people and see a new part of the country so not all bad. I’ll be back; a first visit to Gigha has whetted the appetite for more.


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