7th November, 2009 – Club Paddle to Castle Stalker and the Isles of Lismore, Eilean nan Caorach and Shuna

A nice crisp day to paddle with hardly a breeze and the first hint of winter showing on the mountain tops nearby.

We paddled from adjacent to the north tip of Shuna down to Castle Stalker then after a brief stop continued south east passing Eilean nan Caorach and on to Lismore’s northern tip. A lengthy lunch break in some pleasant, warming sunshine but soon we were chilled from sitting and were launched again with some of us heading back round to explore the old limekilns of Eilean nan Caorach. Quite an interesting place though we did wonder where enough lime came from on such a small island to require three kilns and where the fuel for these was brought in from. Onwards to regroup with the others at the southern tip of Shuna before continuing up the west coast and round the top to finish where we started.

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