21st of March, 2010 – Rescue Practice at Gullane Bents and Fidra

Four of us met at Gullane Bay to play in the rough stuff but the rough stuff was nowhere to be seen. Not to worry, we had a productive day under Jonathan’s brilliant coaching, practicing tows, rescues of one another, self-rescues and rolls. Great to see how all the theory works quite well in practice, at least in what little swell we had to contend with. However, we never did quite manage to get a victim back in their boat within 30 seconds and I get the wooden paddle for slowest!

After a long lunch break chatting we set off on a jaunt east along the coast but parted ways en-route with me paddling on to Fidra and round then back. Lots of birds taking up residence and even saw three puffins in the water too.

Even the drive home was enjoyable; lots of people out enjoying the relative warmth and the sun going down along the coast, spring is definitely in the air though maybe not the water just yet!

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