18th of April, 2010 – Paddle to Inckeith

A paddle out to Inchkeith Island, my second visit but the first where I have spent any time exploring the island and five of us having paddled out spent almost two hours wandering from one building to another over land and even under some! There is a bit of a shabby feel to the place in a way with lots of scrap lying about and varying degrees of degradation to the remaining buildings on the island but it doesn’t entirely spoil the experience of visiting.

First difficulty of the day was getting across Portobello’s promenade to the beach where we launched from as a half marathon was underway and after this novelty, the difficulties continued, launching in to surf and then paddling there and back with a stiff breeze and large swell hitting us side on.

The birds are moving in for the season and soon it will be difficult to explore much of the island as it will be covered in nests as it was when I last visited in July.


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