1st and 2nd of May, 2010 – Wandering from Corrour Station to Glen Nevis

My first long distance walk for a while and during it four of us met at a couple of points along the way from Corrour Station, finishing together in upper Glen Nevis.

Day 1

John and I met at Corrour Station, having arrived from either direction at the remote station and set off west over two hills (Leum Uilleim and Glas Bheinn) before dropping down to an old ruined house called Luibeilt where we met up (sort of!) with Graeme and Andy who had come in from Glen Nevis together. I say ‘sort of’ because we had arrived either side of a river none of us were prepared to cross so our interaction was limited to a chat across the noise of 20ft of flowing water. Each pairing had a pleasant evening though John and I faired better in the sleep front without the russling of the bothy mouse Graeme and Andy had to endure.

Day 2

We began with a warmer chat across the river to plan the day which soon degenerated in to trying to splash each other with stones. It is definitely a benefit to be on the side with the ammunition and it nearly ended with a swim for Graeme – the wee man doesn’t know his own strength, or the grip on his boots have seen better days.

After finally meeting up properly about 1km west when John and I managed to cross the river, we began the steep and long ascent with full packs up on to the ridge of the Grey Corries starting with, Stob Coire an Laoigh, before taking in its western neighbour, Sgurr Choinnich Mor.

Even though the hard work of ascending was over with, the descent down in to Glen Nevis through ankle twisting, tussocky terrain offered no respite and even reaching the path out to the cars was hard on the weary feet but dinner and beers were becoming a reward closer with every step.

Fantastic two days, improving as time went on and good laughs along the way.

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