26th of May, 2010 – Evening Canoe Trip on the Tweed

Following on from our recent 3* training, three of us decided to get together for a practice session on the River Tweed to iron out some of our weaknesses before the forthcoming assessment.

We paddled from Manor Bridge down to Peebles along a short but very pleasant stretch of water with only a couple of shallow, scrapy bits to contend with. There was enough water in general and it proved to be surprisingly warm – a couple of involuntary swims along the way and a couple more by choice. We stopped at a rope swing and David and myself had a shot at launching ourselves out in to the depths – brilliant fun!

A short stretch of river to paddle but we got plenty of practice at each of the eddies along the way and definitely made some improvement so worthwhile, but I for one would like some more practice.

We arrived in Peebles, running the not-so-challenging weir just before it got dark having had a very pleasant evening.


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