30th of May, 2010 – Isle of Kerrera

On a long weekend and after a full day’s walking on day one, we set off on day two for a big walk with less than 100% motivation. As it happens, we arrived at the car park just as it began to rain lightly and this combined with hidden summits and a third day as an option which actually had a better forecast had us turn about and head down to Oban for the day.

A good decision, we gobbled down some hot chocolate and truffles at the Chocolate Company before taking the ferry over to the Isle of Kerrera for a wander and lunch. Kerrera itself is a stunning wee place and I’ve had my eye on it for a while as a kayak destination so was good to get over and wander about. We only covered the south eastern part of the island but for hungry folk, that is the most appropriate area as it is where the Tea Room is, and this is close to the main site of interest we explored, Gylen Castle.

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