2nd of June, 2010 – Auld Toun 10k

I signed up for this 10k early this year having enjoyed it last year and with the hope that it would motivate me to train properly for once over the winter and spring and regain some lost fitness and lose some excess weight gained over the past months / year. As usual, my intent of training never materialized but even more so than usual this time, I’ve possibly run half a dozen times since January in total and in each of those times I have struggled with the keeping-going without stopping, getting up hills I have never had problems with before – a real sign something has changed for the worse. Part of the problem getting a running routine going, I think, was the difficulty I was having doing my old route with comfort and I really struggled to get in to going out knowing it was going to be hard rather than it just being a run.

Coming up to the run, I was lacking enough interest that other options for the same date were drawing me towards just not showing up but I am glad now that I did. It wasn’t quite the disaster I expected but definitely a trigger I hope to stopping the decline. There’s just no point to losing fitness by choosing laziness and excess.

The race itself was the same route as last year, quite hilly, which I like when on good form, and made up of laps through Dunfermline’s picturesque park but for the first time on any run I have done, there were no kilometer markers and having not looked in to the route, I was unaware whether the course was two laps or three, something which played on my mind a lot on the second lap, I just had no idea how far I had run and how far I had to go. I was struggling, having already had three or four short walking pauses from running and looking at my time was trying to guess whether I was on for a reasonable time if the end was close or a bad time if one lap left – assuming I could even do another lap. What a relief! There were in fact just the two laps after all and I finished quite happily well within what I notionally had as a worst case target. I’m 20% over my personal best which is maybe just the kick in the teeth I need to alert me to get back but also a fairly ridiculous time to recover. Maybe I can use it just to get back to the right side of 40 minutes though. Same time, same place next year!

Note: The excess will continue for a wee while, the race was finished off with a fish supper, the food of non-champions 🙂


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