13th of June, 2010 – Open Canoe 3* Assessment

Back to the River Tweed for more canoeing, this time the assessment for our 3* award following on from our training in May.

It was a good day before we even made it to the river with some kind soul in a newsagent insisting we helped ourselves to coffee there as nowhere in the town would be serving it so early in the morning. Brilliant!

After meeting up in Coldstream and dealing with the car shuttle arrangements, we launched ourselves and immediately set about revising our paddle strokes before going through the main assessment tasks along the 13km trip down to Norham. These tasks covered, paddling in various directions, poling, rescues, assessing and negotiating safe passage down a rapid and towing.

Thankfully we all passed on the day but the environment for 3* is quite tame and the key point to take away was that we should get out more on rougher stuff before taking on any 4* training. Whether or not I decide to go for this, I am hoping to get out on more rivers in a canoe as part of my desire to journey down some of them on multi-day trips.


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