1st of August, 2010 – Bass Rock

Three of us had a short trip out to the Bass Rock in probably the calmest waters I’ve paddled out there. This allowed a lot closer inspection of the caves there than I have had before especially in the western entrance to the one that runs right through the Bass. Seals use the rocky beach at the back of this this as a home and we had a few of the younger ones showing quite an interest in us, swimming up close and under us whilst we explored as far as we dared by kayak.

I’m not sure if I would have the guts to walk through this, even the landing and launch in any level of surf look interesting given the consequences of an unexpected swim in the dark but I did find an interesting account from the past of someone who has which is sort of putting ideas in my head.

With the calm waters out at the Bass, I got complacent about my camera and rather than putting it back in the sealed box on my deck, I just left it tucked inside my buoyancy aid. Back at shore the breaking surf caught me out and the camera is no more. I managed to read off the last pictures it took but have now had to order a waterproof one which is what I really should have done in the first place.


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