4th of August, 2010 – Unexpected Rough in the Forth

Arriving at Silverknowes on a pleasant, sunny and warm evening, the conditions out on the Forth looked pretty calm and we decided to head out north to Inchcolm rather than following the coast east or west. A lot of the Forth is now becoming quite familiar to me and I am running out of areas of it close to home that I have not paddled at all and despite having been to both Inchmickery and Inchcolm recently and numerous times in total, I was still happy with the choice as I would get to pass Oxcars lighthouse and Cow and Calves, three rocks which resemble a whale with two calves, which I had never passed close to before.

Soon after passing Crammond Island and entering the main channel, the sea took on quite a different mood with a reasonably strong, westerly wind blowing over the flooding tide coming in from the east. This caused quite a bit of choppiness with the result that we split up at Inchkeith with half of us continuing on and the other half heading back for Crammond Island.

Passing Cow and Calves and Oxcars we had a lot of interest from the younger looking seals and were followed over to Inchcolm by them. On Inchcolm itself we had a quick leg stretch and chat before taking to the water again for the direct journey back to Silverknowes.

On the return leg the wind and waves seemed to be a bit tamer and we got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset before landing back at Silverknowes as it started to get dark and just a few minutes behind the other half of the group.


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