24th of August, 2010 – Pettycur Bay to Inchkeith

Two of us paddled out to Inchkeith from the Fife side, a new view of it for me. We took a direct line and paddled round the island and its neighbouring skerries, barely stopping with limited time of daylight left focusing our attention on getting back to Pettycur Bay.

Lots of seal and bird activity out including one curious fulmar who followed us a bit of the way back and swept close by a few times to have a closer look.

I had my new waterproof camera but was disappointed with the blurriness of the photos I took, it was wobbly conditions but even still, I am hopeful it was just the settings combined with the low light we had that are to blame and not going to be a common theme with the camera.

View of Inchkeith from the north.

View of Inchkeith from the north.

Overall a nice relaxed paddle, certainly a great way to finish a school (work) day but there was a bit of effort required in getting back in to a northerly head wind and a good amount of chop in the water. This was notable especially on the west side of the island where there the waves steepen on shallows.

We landed back in darkness having enjoyed a nice sunset off to our left and had a full moon rising behind us.


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