31st of August, 2010 – North Berwick, Enjoying Sunset and Playing with New Camera

Headed out to North Berwick to enjoy the last of the day’s good weather and was rewarded with a great sunset which was being enjoyed by a lot more than just me; lots of sailors, walkers and photographers enjoying the evening.

First real use of my new waterproof camera off the water and much happier with the results from its initial use where I ended up with a largely blurry batch taken from my kayak.

Rather bizarrely, walking past a house on the way back to the car, I was hit with a familiar smell, the smell of guano which is a feature of any of the islands used by sea birds. Confusion was immediately resolved by a sign explaining all about the orphaned gannet chicks living in the garden which are recovered from Bass Rock and looked after. I can’t remember if they are released once healthy enough or are just being fattened up for market.


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