1st of September, 2010 – An Evening Out on Ben A’an

Myself and two colleagues decided to make the most of a good weather window (forecast) to get up a hill and enjoy the sunset and sunrise from it. Given the relatively short hours of daylight we opted for Ben A’an being not too far a drive and a short walk to enable us to get to a summit before sunrise, or at least not long after it.

The skies were not as clear as forecast at first and we even had a short, light shower on the final approach to the summit but throughout the night it thereafter it remained dry and clear on occassion, which allowed us to bivvy out under the stars and moon. Tents had been erected just in case but thankfully were not required. A great night, cosy in sleeping bags with a cool, refreshing breeze keeping the midges at bay.

On arrival at the top as darkness fell, an owl could be heard and shortly after it circled above us a couple of times before heading off elsewhere.

Next morning we rose before the sun to get some photos before heading down the road for a not-so-late start back in the office.


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