4th of September, 2010 – Sunrise Paddle North Berwick to Seacliff

Four of us met at North Berwick harbour at 5:30 to enjoy the sunrise from our kayaks. If anything, this may have been too a late start as the sky was already lightening fast but we made it on to the water by 6am and were east bound towards Seacliff for the predicted time of the sun’s actual appearance of 6:23.

In agreement with the forecast, there was fog about on the road to North Berwick but there seemed little out from the town itself. However, our view of the sun’s rise was obscured at first by fog further out to sea. It did eventualy break through as a faded red disk for the remainder of the way to Seacliff giving a pleasant sunrise after all.

A brief breakfast was had here before we took on two separate routes; two of the group opting for a jaunt out to the Bass and two of us continuing on eastwards almost to the next sandy bay before turning back. We joined up again almost at North Berwick harbour.

Winds were low and we had some slight swell slowly getting larger over the course of the morning. Overall, a nice relaxing start to the day and with us back off the water around 9:30, there was still a whole day to enjoy. Though I say relaxing, perhaps I didn’t get enough sleep beforehand – more than once I mistook birds (on the sea, not in the sky) as dolphins!


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