27th of October, 2010 – Rescue, Tows and Rough Water Practice

This afternoon five of us paddled at Milsey Bay, North Berwick to practice some tows, rescues and maneuvering in winds and swell etc.

Despite leaving from and arriving back in a damp, wet Edinburgh we were treated to a gorgeous sunny afternoon with off-shore winds as predicted which gave us the conditions we were after. Towards the end when we were close to shore expecting a bit of shelter it was actually pretty clear the wind had all but vanished quite suddenly.

A quick discussion before we got on the water had us aiming to stay dry and warm as long as possible so we began our session with turning in the rough water and wind before going on to towing, both contact and with tow lines before moving on to rolls, self-rescues and rescues.

We had a perfect example along the way of how unhelpful ropes can be if a rescue ensues when a tow is already in progress and at the same time just how quickly distance can be covered whilst drifting during a rescue which is going less than smoothly.

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Thankfully we had called the coastguard to inform them of our intent to practice all manner of in-the-water scenarios because on our return, when we checked back in, we were thanked and informed that some kind soul had indeed called in to report us being in a bit of a pickle. Our proactive call-in saved an RNLI call out. Good to know people out walking, golfing or whatever would make the call where it looked necessary and it really is important and worthwhile informing the coastguard when intending to practice these things as it must look to some onlookers as though something undesirable is taking place.

A great session on (and in) the water.


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