30th of November, 2010 – St Andrew’s Day, Time for a Ball

An early start to a wintry appearance for Edinburgh with unusual deposits of snow and the city is limping along and looking pretty stunning at the same time.

I took my camera to work in case I saw anything interesting on the way and decided to head up Calton Hill after lunch to see what the views over the city were like. As it was so nice just wandering about the top, I also finally made a visit to the highest point on the hill, Nelson’s Monument, on top of which there is a time ball which is (or was) used to signal 1pm each day to ships in the port of Leith.

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My timing was a little off as 1pm must have just passed as I ascended the one-hundred-and-too-many stairs to the viewing balcony. Great views up top all around of a city scape much more contrasted than usual and a bit of drama added in the sky with thick snow showers falling out over the islands in the Forth.

One other thing which was apparent from above the ground of Calton Hill itself and has never occurred to me before is just how good it looks for a cross-country ski with mostly gentle slopes and lots of wide paths.


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