1st of December, 2010 – Getting Cross with the Early Snow … in a Good Way

With an idea inspired by yesterday’s visit to Calton Hill, I got my cross-country skis down from the loft for the winter ahead with the intention of kicking things of with a return to Calton Hill before work today.

My alarm was set early but ignored with umpteen snoozes but I still managed to get up to the hill in good time, skiing most of the way on pavements covered in nicely packed snow.

Very few tracks were evident in the fresh snow deposited overnight except for what I imagine would be a fox and a very few walkers so I got to ski my way about the summit’s various paths breaking tracks as I went.

Straight to work after this which, in the end proved to be a lengthy interruption to the day’s skiing as I took the long way home afterwards. This time, I crossed over the side of Calton Hill and headed for my previous city-centre ski destination, Holyrood Park. Having seen how much snow is lying, I was hoping to get in an entire lap of Arthur’s Seat rather than my usual shorter, there-and-back route from the Palace up to Pollock Halls.

Success, the upper section of the road surrounding Arthur’s Seat has not seen a car in days and I managed to make my way all the way round with just a few stops to catch breath, take in the views and admire some of the handy work made by others which included a snow-seal. Great fun descending the back after my struggle up the front.


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