2nd of January, 2011 – Newhaven to Inchkeith

Three of us decided to begin 2011’s paddling with a jaunt out to Inchkeith from Newhaven Harbour.

A pleasant enough paddle over and back and a good hour or so exploring some of the remaining structures on the island left over from the Forth’s war defenses.

We had a slight detour on our way back to get a look at an even older war defense. However, this was a bit disappointing as we could not see much from the water of Leith’s Martello Tower and a landing wasn’t going to be easy, nor would it have been allowed as the tower now sits within the restricted area of Leith Docks. A shame, as from what I can gather online, there is no way of seeing this tower up close.

More info on Martello Towers available here.


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