15th of January, 2011 – Aberdour to Inverkeithing

A windy jaunt (F5 SW) along the north coast of the Forth from Aberdour to Inverkeithing and back taking in a closer look at some of the industrial sites, new and old, along the way.

Not as hard overall heading west as expected but a couple of hard pulls when the wind was stronger. Shelter seemed to be provided by hugging the coast despite it being largely exposed to wind and so on the westward journey we travelled a bit further than on our more direct return journey by following the coast of all the bays we passed.

For some respite from the wind and out of curiosity, we spent fifteen minutes or so looking at the less-than-pretty and fuel smelling area of Inverkeithing’s Inner Bay which has in the past housed a ship-breaking yard among other industries. Now there is still some quarrying, a scrap yard and a marine supplier working but other than a paper mill being left to fall apart, there is not much evidence of the heavier industry from the past, just lots of dilapidated piers and dock walls.

The wind dropped before the return leg but we still got an assist from it and the receding tide and so did the eastward leg in an hour versus the 3+ on the way out. Waves less problematic than previous day out kayaking in F4.

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