26th and 27th of March, 2011 – Wandering from Loch Rannoch to Loch Garry

An enjoyable weekend walking in a new and fairly remote area for two of us in the area between Loch Rannoch and Loch Garry, just south of Dalnaspidal where we dropped off a car at journey’s end. As we geared up there, we chatted to a guy who had just cycled out from the bothy we would end up staying the night in and he had good things to say about it.

A shortish drive round to Drumglas, near Dunalastair Water (and Loch Rannoch) had us at the start of our walk where we set off on foot up Beinn a’ Chuallaich. Some showers on the way but these stopped before we summited and it stayed dry for the remainder of the weekend. Nibbles and views at the top where we passed another walker (our only one of the two days) then down north towards Loch Errochty with a marked building as an attraction. It has seen better days with two walls all but gone and a single corner holding up the roof at one end.

Next, along through nice dry ground (lots of nice camp spots) skirting the side of Creag a’ Mhadaidh and a stop at another building, this one in better shape than the last but still rotting inside and bizarrely with a dead deer which looked like it had come in to die – ground kicked about where it lay. From there on to a good track which links Loch Rannoch with Dalnaspidal which took us the final few kilometers to the bothy. A cracking wee place, a long building of two halves, one of which is falling in, the other half comprised of two distinct lower rooms with a sleeping area above the first one. We got a decent fire going in the second and nicer room and just ended up sleeping in there with fire dying as we drifted off.

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Up bright and early on Sunday and after a leisurely breakfast we set off up the hill behind the bothy, Beinn Mholach, easy enough and great views over Loch Rannoch and the whole connected system of water bodies to Loch Ba and all the hills either side and beyond. Back to bothy to pick up some of our gear and then the short (but long) 7km trek out to Dalnaspidal.

A great place to walk in and along the way we saw loads of deer, frogs, hares and birds; some known, others not. Plenty of options too to return for and hopefully not long before another visit to this area.

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