17th April, 2011 – Scrapes and Bashes on the River Feshie

A coached session on leading open canoe trips on a river paddle. The chosen river for the Glenmore Lodge based paddle was the River Feshie in Glen Feshie, somewhere I have never been before and was excited about getting to paddle.

After a longish portage round a farm with numerous repetitions, which reassured me the decision to buy a light canoe was the right one, our first glimpse of the Feshie was of a shallow, rocky looking river flowing reasonably fast. Slightly concerning but I opted to carry on and was partnered up with another paddler much more experienced in open boating than myself, perfect!

Seven kilometers of gorgeous river through stunning scenery took us about six hours to paddle with work along the way on paddle skills, lining, poling and snubbing and positioning (as a leader) for safely getting a group down a river. We paddled various rapids, some big but short lived and adrenalin pumping and others longer and shallower. The latter proved to be more of a feature of the day and hence the new boat is not so new looking any more, the hull is almost uniformly scraped and dented and the bow has definitely been on the receiving end of a head-on with something sharp. Ouch – a tear to the eye but these things are meant to be used and enjoyed I suppose.

Along the way we passed a massive osprey nest and had three of the birds circling above us noisily, not somewhere to linger but an unexpected treat that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

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