20th April, 2011 – Evening Paddle out of Dunbar

Light winds and a little swell made for favourable conditions and we (a group of nine) opted to head east into the wind towards the disused lighthouse at Barns Ness. Actually, having spent some time looking back and taking the odd picture, this was probably a good idea anyway as the sun would have been quite dazzling, it was just the kind of dull orange that keeps drawing your eyes but not doing them any good.

In about an hour and twenty minutes we made it just past the lighthouse chatting in various groups along the way before landing at the next sandy bay for a quick bite to eat and drink. On the return leg, the breeze and swell had us making faster progress towards Dunbar’s lights against an ebbing tide and soon we were back in the harbour having paddled in all shades of light both from the sky and various glo-sticks adorning ourselves.


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