24th April, 2011 – Aberlady Submarines

A while back on a flight, a neighbouring passenger got chatting to me and mentioned there being two old submarine wrecks lying on the shore near Aberlady. At the time I was so surprised that I had not heard of this before, I did a search when I got home and sure enough, there was evidence of two prototype subs having been abandoned for target practice in the area which are still there and are accessible at low tide.

Finally with some free time coinciding with low tide, I headed out through the nature reserve at Aberlady Bay, towards the sands at the northern end. Cresting a sand dune which gives access to the beach, it was immediately obvious where the subs lay and I headed directly over to them for a closer look, conscious of the rising tide.

The two wrecks lie close to one another and though both are (or were) obviously submarines, one is in much better shape than the other but I do wonder how much longer they will last in this tidal zone.

More info on the subs here and here and some info on the area in general.


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