10th May, 2011 – Paddle Dawn the Tweed

A short but very worthwhile dawn paddle on the River Tweed from Manor Bridge to Peebles.

Apparently, as a sunrise paddle this one got off to a late start as we missed the best of dawn despite a 4:30am on the water start. Based on what we saw, we should have been half an hour earlier so it looks like getting on the water an hour before sunrise is the way forward.

The river was quite silvery in the minimal light to begin with and we launched and were carried down sometimes under power and at other times by the sluggish flow of the river itself. Passing ducks and ducklings, a heron and Neidpath Castle, we got out at our destination, Peebles, finishing just below the weir after exactly half an hour of paddling and in broad daylight.

The idea for the trip was to see spring wildlife but in actual fact, more was seen on the road down; foxes, an owl, roe deer and a hare.

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