2nd of July, 2011 – Inchkeith at Dawn

Three of us set off from just behind the Granton gas works as planned at 5:30. We followed a direct line to Inckeith with the sun in our eyes, dazzling to begin with but soon it was obscured nicely by some cloud. This soon burned off giving us back a nice clear, blue sky.

Sun rising behind Inchkeith

Part way towards Inchkeith

Edinburgh at dawn

Almost at Inchkeith

In an hour we landed at the island’s harbour and had breakfast before wandering up to the lighthouse much to the disapproval of the seagulls who squawked continuously, dive bombed us and unleashed chemical weapons with varying levels of success.

Swooping birdies

Departing, we headed anti-clockwise round the island but were delayed along the way as we enjoyed the company of some very curious seals. One youngster in particular was obviously fighting the urge to get ever closer. For a brief spell I think we were both enjoying the unusual company.

Young, curious seal at Inchkeith

Raft of puffins at Inchkeith

Thoughts of paddling over to Fife were ditched as time was indeed rolling on and there is no point in a dawn paddle if you can’t be back for breakfast. We headed to Leith Docks and followed the coast back to Granton passing an early sun-bathing paddler out on his sit-on-top. Not a bad idea as just a few early hours on the water had tanned my arms a surprising amount.

Heading back to Edinburgh

Back to Granton, a good launch spot for low water, just after 10am.

Entrance to Granton Harbour

A new toy was tried out for the first time, a GPS tracking watch which can record the path taken over time. Though more for running training, this will be great for getting an accurate distance and record of jaunts out on the water too, the path followed on this particular paddle can be see here.


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