3rd of July, 2011 – Wobbles and Jellies at St Abbs

For what seemed like the warmest and sunniest day in a couple of months, I headed out to St Abbs with a paddle along the stretch of coast just west of the little town.

As forecast, there was very little wind but some predicted 1m swell was very much in evidence and at times seemed significantly bigger. As I left the calm of the harbour, I was soon bouncing (or wobbling) around and gingerly making my way through gaps between rocks when the sets of waves allowed. Sometimes changing my mind, I turned and found a less intimidating option to make my way along towards St Abb’s Head.

Jelly Fish

I passed over, and sometimes through, an amazing number of jelly fish; in fact the local nuclear power station had recently had to interrupt generation as the jelly fish were impacting their ability to take in cooling water. There were literally carpets formed of them and I was keener than usual not to roll over in the waves, a bit of added excitement though none was needed.

Lighthouse at St Abb's Head

Along, level with the lighthouse, at St Abb’s Head which is as far as I went, the clapotis and general churning up of the surface seemed particularly bad which does not help with taking pictures and after a few minutes sitting out from the cliffs and enjoying the noise and sights of the waves crashing at their base, causing a misty air above, I turned and headed back. This time I spent a bit longer trying to explore the wider openings in the cliffs and sitting closer to rocks sizing up windows that I could get through without danger.

A short trip, just an hour and a half on the water but great fun if slightly daunting. The slightly less-than-direct route taken can be seen here.

Approaching St Abbs on the return journey


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