16th to 17th of July, 2011 – Southern Cairngorms, Carn an Fhidleir and An Sgarsoch

A change of plan due to weather from what would have been a canoeing trip to that of one using bikes to get ourselves into some hills south of the main Cairngorms range instead.

From the Linn of Dee we cycled 14km to Geldie Lodge ruins where we set up camp and left our bikes. We then walked anti-clockwise up Carn an Fhidleir and An Sgarsoch.

Part way in on good cycle tracks

Dinner was well earned and enjoyed within what is left of the ruins, a small shelter, during some pretty heavy rain which stopped just before we headed to our tents for the night.

Mist rising off the hillside after rain

A good trip but not the most insteresting hills to walk. That said, they proved to be harder work than appearances suggested and we enjoyed nice views from them despite the low cloud clinging to the higher hills surrounding us.


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