30th of July, 2011 – St Kilda Trip, Day 1 – Scarp and Loch Reasort

I joined a trip out on the MV Cuma with Island Cruising, one of two trips focused on kayaking a year run by them. This is a six day trip which should allow a window to get out to St Kilda with plenty of backup options for the days before and / or after, which are not suited to either safe anchoring, traveling to & from or paddling around St Kilda. It became clear on early chats that a day or day and a half is sometimes all that is possible out there with the conditions but we were really lucky and had three nights moored in Village Bay.

After boarding the vessel, we (myself and eight other paddlers) headed down the east coast of Lewis from Miavaig, to the island of Scarp where we alighted with the kayaks and paddled the north coast, exploring caves, nooks and crannies then continued on to meet up with the Cuma in Loch Reasort, a sheltered and somewhat fjord like setting. We had arrived just in time for tea too which was nice.

Getting on the water for our first paddle, north coast of Scarp

One of the caves along Scarp's north coast

Arriving at the Cuma in Loch Reasort


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