31st of July, 2011 – St Kilda Trip, Day 2 – Loch Reasort and Sron Ulladale

As forecast, a wet and very windy day to stay put in Loch Reasort and some of us were taken ashore to enable us to go a short walk up to see the impressive, overhanging cliffs of Sron Ulladale. On return a smaller group of us headed out on to the water up to the head of Loch Reasort and explored some buildings and a nice river there – more views of Sron Ulladale, this time in profile – it really does hang out quite a bit. A couple of us picked some mussels and one seems to have been missed by me on going awol beneath my seat – bad mistake, I’ve no idea if I will be able to retrieve the mussel but hope at least that the smell goes soon.

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