3rd of August, 2011 – St Kilda Trip, Day 5 – A Wander on Hirta

I climbed the stairs up from the Cuma’s dark cabin area in to blinding sunshine for a second morning which was great as this day was to be spent ashore exploring. Having read tons about St Kilda before the trip, I had wondered if it was possible to fit in all corners of the island without rushing it too much and taking in a lot of the history and sights along the way. I think it is and though I have left a lot to look out for on a return visit, I made the most of the good weather and small distances to get as full a day as possible and I even enjoyed a couple of spells lounging about on cliff tops admiring views from the ‘wrong’ side of the Western Isles. One of the best days in the hills I have had!

School time!

Walled enclosures above the village, protected by bonxies

View over the bay from the northern slope of Oiseval

Bonxie attack, more bark than bite but alarming nonetheless


The view of Boreray and the Stacs even chills out the odd bonxie

View along the cliffs of Connachair to Soay

Older remains than in Village Bay lie in Glen Bay, this is one of the horned structures remaining

Fulmar chick residing in one of the remaining structures

The arch into Glen Bay which we had paddled the previous day with Boreray and the Stacs behind

Soay behind the remains of what would once have connected it to Hirta, now just an arch and stacs

Looking north to Soay along the ridge from Mullach Bi

No doubt cleits in such airy places dried things (bird meat) well

The Lover's Stone

Looking south to and along Dun, some peaks of the Western Isles lie along the horizon

Looking across to 'The Gap' which separates Connachair on the left from Oiseval on the right

Ruival, my last peak of the day, and Dun behind

View from Ruival; Connachair, the Village and Oiseval

The village

It would have been a belter of a day on the water too but you can’t do everything and I did manage to refresh myself after this hard day in the hills with a swim in Village Bay.

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