2nd of November, 2011 – Sunrise Paddle out to Inchmickery

Five of us met at Silverknowes at 5:30, a while before the early birds were catching worms, and soon we were suitably illuminated for our launch out on to a dark Forth. Mossmorran’s gas flare-off was doing its best to illuminate a direct path over to Inchmickery but we diverted first towards Crammond Island instead.

The light began to change on our approach to Crammond and soon it was light enough to see quite well. We skirted the west coast and then headed over to Inchmickery, doing a clockwise circumnavigation of it. Tide was still high so the only sensible get-out was the stepped slip way on the east coast which we used one at a time to get out and assemble at its top for breakfast and views of the sun rising above, and burning off the cloud over Edinburgh. Now re-energised, we set off on a wander about various decaying concrete structures and even braved a rickety old wooden ladder to get a better view of the island and the views across the Forth in all directions.

Back in boats and now in the full light of a glorious day, we headed straight for home in to a breeze which had developed and were soon on the beach chatting and putting off the carry up to the cars. What had looked to be a damp and gray paddle actually turned out to be sunny and warm with little of the forecast winds.

A great start to a work day and hopefully more of these ahead over the winter.


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