12th to 13th of November, 2011 – Stormy Skye and Accidental Respite on Raasay

A trip to Skye with two distinctive days of weather, thankfully both were dry though. Saturday was windy and grey and we started with a drive down to Elgol in the hope of getting the boat over to Loch Coruisk but this was not to be, very choppy conditions guarded the way over to a gloomy looking Cuillin mountains. Still, a nice place to linger and enjoy the changing view for a while.

Stormy waters at Elgol

View over to Sgur na Stri from Elgol

With a few stops here and there we covered a lot of Skye afterwards taking in Dunvegan, Loch Bay, Duntulm Castle and finally Portree.

A skye Jinja Coo

Portree Harbour under moonlight

Next day, with plans to get down the road reasonably early in order to see Glencoe in daylight, we set off and soon after took advantage of the Raasay ferry being docked as we were passing through Sconser. A quick land visit to a place I have long fancied (even before paddling round it) seemed too good to miss. What better way to spend a couple of hours in glorious sunshine and warm temperatures? We drove aboard, the ramp lifted and we were off sailing over the sea … from … Skye, at which point we found out the next boat back was not until 4pm.  Oops!  Oh well, what better place to spend a couple of hours in glorious sunshine and warm temperatures?

Skye Cuillin from north of Sligachan

Calum's Road

A drive north first up to visit ‘Calum’s Road‘ area of the island. A stunning drive but taking the ferryman’s advice about the surface we proceeded fairly cautiously whenever a hole or worn bit of tarmac was obvious. However, twice I was caught out by loud and distressing scraping from the car’s undercarriage making contact with the middle of the road where the road has sunk low at each side. More caution got us a bit further until we got as far as the view over Arnish at which point we turned about and headed back to the island’s capital for a coffee and cake stop.

A look at the island’s mine & railway leftovers followed which themselves are part of an interesting story and their situation offers great views of the mountains on Skye with the sun above and behind and haze doing amazing things. Stunning!

Red Cuillin of Skye from Raasay

Red Cuillin from Rassay

View of the Red Cuillin from one of the mine buildings on Raasay

Mine building

Raasay is a great place but next time I’ll take a bike as a car is really overkill for the distances and also would ease exploration of the mine workings.

A friendly cat came to tea

Sailing over the sea to Skye soon had us on the long homeward journey but obviously with no chance of seeing Glencoe in light.

The sun set behind the hills of Skye


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