The Cobbler

A nice day had the hordes out on the Cobbler by Arrochar and five of us (four human, one canine) headed up and over the hill from the village in a traversing route having left one car on the Glen Croe side at our walk’s end. This was the first time doing this particular route for me and the first time ascending the Cobbler for everyone else. Despite it being my fourth time up, I still couldn’t muster the courage to ‘thread the needle’ to ascend the peak’s highest, central top whilst the others waited below at the bealach. This small but exposed pinnacle will have to be topped by me some day but being on my own there at the time, I just wasn’t comfortable with the moves I’d have to reverse to get back off it and so left it for another day. The views from the first ledge are were enjoyable though.

Not much snow remaining on the Cobbler itself but there was more in evidence in some of the neighbouring, higher peaks. A few of the distant hills were gilded with a thin, white outline which made for an unusual view.

The traverse proved to be a good walk and route enjoyed by all, especially the strongest member of the group, Gunner!


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    that dug needs a wash !

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