Return to Ardnamurchan

A return to Ardnamurchan in what has become an annual pilgrimage of sorts. The weather, which forced us to head elsewhere in 2011, was forecast much better though cold with possible snow showers. This caused us to abandon any intention of climbing from the outset and instead to take it easy and just aim to do a circuit of the peninsula’s volcanic ring by foot.

After arriving on the Saturday afternoon, we set up camp and headed along to a nearby ruined village first before moving on to the coast nearby for a wander and play on the rocks then finished off with a walk through the northern part of the village at Sanna Bay. A very chilled out way to spend the day and we finished off with a night warming ourselves by the firebox and chatting.

Next day, we were up early thanks to such a bright sky and a rapidly warming tent. We took our time and set off with the entire rim of the old volcano in out sites. Taking a diversion to the coast first to see what lay at the end of a marked path, we found ourselves in a stunning little rocky bay and spent some time there having our lunch then exploring various rock pools and formations in the rock.

Back up on to the ring itself, we explored crags and tops we have visited in our previous visits (2008, 2009 and 2010) and new areas too, though this was mostly guess work as we had not brought along a guide book with us.

Enjoyment of the views and some easy soloing broke up our journey and ate up the hours and we abandoned the second half of the ring with dinner as our new focus. Again the fire was handy for the evening as it was chilly later on.

Next day, with the worst of the forecast due, we were pleasantly surprised to wake up to sunshine again and took advantage to head for a short walk from Sanna Bay towards Ardnamurchan Point taking in the bays along the way. Great area, walks and views.


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