Enchanted Forest

A visit to Pitlcohry’s ‘Enchanted Forest’ on a very still evening, by chance, which made the reflections on the surface of the water all the more impressive. Something a bit unusual but really impressive and atmospheric.

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My first time walking in Faskally Wood and it would be interesting to return in daylight and see how different the lights had made the place appear, would a daylight scene divide your attention where the lighting had focused your attention on the smaller details of the wood and even on individual trees themselves?

Some of the lighting created a kind of fantasy scene, or in one case almost a feeling of looking through the dark woods to an area of brightly lit forest where something unknown, good or bad, might be going on.

Trees lit from low down led the eye up first at the detailed texture of their rough bark exterior then beyond to leafy ceilings in some cases or distant skeletal branches in others. In one case it almost looked like forked lightning with the colouring used and a wandering imagination.


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