Plan B – Stumbling Upon a Delightful Walk

Plan A had been a hill walk near Ballachulish, but with a desire to stay off of the snowy peaks we had a plan B and rounding the corner which allowed a glimpse of our intended hill gave us no need to stop on our journey south just yet. Plan B it was then, something we had mulled over in a cafe as a backup, so we would not end up doing nothing on such a stunning day. Was this Spring arriving at last?


Soon we were down behind Bridge of Orchy at Victoria Bridge, after a very pleasant drive past countless hills still plastered with snow and a few with surprising amounts of ice-falls clinging on to their steeper ground, where we set off on foot alongside the Abhainn Shira.


Our walk would be as long as we wanted being a there-and-back affair, but we had a target of Loch Dochard and thankfully we stuck with that in the end. The river was, at first, shallow and rocky on a well drained section but soon we arrived at a flatter and deeper stretch where ice had even formed on the surface for a few hundred meters.


The path and track largely follow the river closely except where the water has taken a line too steep for vehicles, and so for most of the walk our attention was focused on the river beside us. However, the views of the snow covered mountains looming large ahead and to our right (Starav Group and Black Mount hills) were increasingly drawing our attention away.


A final steepening in the track suggested we were about to arrive at our destination, and sure enough, cresting an almost natural dam feature, we looked down upon Loch Dochard and across its iced surface to the Starav Group of mountains. A great place with a feeling of remoteness and a ‘big country’ feel to it.



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