Islay be Back

A short trip out to Islay which proved costlier than expected…

First stop after picking up bikes was the Ardbeg distillery for a really interesting tour followed by some whisky tasting and lunch.





Soon after we cycled on to Kildalton Cross and beyond, almost to the road end for a quick break before returning to Port Ellen.




A really nice day all in and pretty chilled out with better weather than forecast up till the end of our cycling, well, almost!

Next day we moved ourselves to Bowmore for a change of scenery, a place which had a typical Sunday feel to it, not much open or to do (even the round church was closed after the service) and we had a sense of hanging about till departure time. Hanging about too long as it happened, when it mattered there was not a taxi to be had and we missed check-in. Oops!




A shame our second day was so idle, had we known ahead of time about the flight we could have made better use of the day, or better still booked a taxi and saved a fortune in extra costs.

Islay is definitely a place to return to for more cycling and exploring as we barely scratched the surface, and I think next time the ferries will be made use of to arrive at one end and depart from the other, possibly with an excursion to Jura.


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