Bynack More

I seem to be exploring the Caringorm Mountains from the outside in, first the eastern ones, then the southern ones and now the most northerly one, Bynack More, I’ve yet to explore the higher points in the inner region to date and have only had forays through the main passes of the Lairig Ghru and Lairig an Laoigh.

View south into Strathnethy

View south into Strathnethy

The forecast was not great but arriving at Aviemore there was a promising amount of high ground free of cloud. We set off at a good pace and were making swift progress towards the top on good paths until we reached a plateau north of the peak where the winds first hit us and slowed us quite a bit.

Meall a' Beauchaille

Meall a’ Beauchaille, highest point at the back

A choice of path lay ahead, an easy ascent over rocks and heather or an apparently faster and more direct route up a steep snow slope with leftover steps cut by earlier walkers. It started off easy enough but the wind picked up and was gusting so strongly we had to alternately crawl and stall on all fours till the top.


The wind made the remainder of our ascent (and descent back to the plateau) hard going but we found shelter behind rocks at the top and had lunch where we took in the views to the north, east and south.

South from Bynack More summit

South from Bynack More summit

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