Cairn Gorm and the Northern Corries

I’ve been close to the summit of Cairn Gorm quite a few times on visits to the Northern Corries of the Cairn Gorms but have never been able to justify the apparent extra effort to walk to the top on the way out, after a tiring day climbing a winter route or two in the corries. If I’d known how quickly that final rise could be covered I might have have gone for it. Finally then, on a very last minute choice, it was time to go for the top, but it would be a waste to go direct from the car park by the ski centre, so instead we took in a more scenic diversion under the corries themselves and enjoyed views of the last of the snow in the shadows of the gullies.







Once up above the corries we had Cairn Gorm in our sights ahead of us with views across the plateau to other peaks and troughs in the central Cairn Gorms group off to our right. To our left we had Loch Morlich and out beyond to the hills of the Monadh Liath. A few climbers were enjoying routes, completely sheltered from the winds, in on the cliffs below us.






Despite our longer approach, this was still a surprisingly short walk, the only ‘testing’ bit being the constructed path off of the summit, something another pair of walkers passing us commented on too.


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