Summer Evening Visits to Bass Rock

It try not to visit Bass Rock too much as it is a real favourite, so it was unusual to head out twice in quick succession. Two evening paddles during a real summer weather spell in the same week. As usual, the gannets were the highlight but the other birds and seals were interesting too.




Not only were we lucky with the sunshine and warmth, but the sea was relatively flat too, so it was easy to lie back and look up at the gannets (with mouth closed) as they came and went from their nests. At the highest point, they were holding position relative to the cliff in the breeze up there, fine tuning their final landings at their own nest between the not-so-welcoming beaks of neighbours. An amazing sight, as was that of them circling round, collision free in their thousands above us.




With the tide being low, it was interesting to see the various hues taken on by the rocks exposed on the cliffs which have different exposures to sea water over the course of a day, the sun’s setting light warming things nicely on the bright side, quite the contrast with the dark side further round.






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