Glen Trool and The Merrick

Heading south for a change, two of us opted to walk in the Galloway hills, starting in Glen Trool before heading north alongside the Buchan Burn …


… which lead us to Culsharg Bothy, a lovely looking cottage in a lonely spot. Sadly, unlike Craig Bothy, which I had visited only a week before, it is not so well looked after by some of those who use it and is quite badly littered inside and out.


Leaving the bothy behind, we started the bulk of our ascent, following a good path up on to Benyelarry where we got good views north to The Merrick itself, now out of the lowest cloud that had been threatening to obscure our views for the day, out to sea to the west and south and over some of the lochs to the east of this range of hills.



Reaching the summit of The Merrick, we took shelter form the NW winds behind a large boulder and enjoyed the views but we did not have quite enough time to drop down from the summit to pay a visit to the the Grey Man of Merrick but he’s not likely to be going anywhere soon, so we we’ll head back another time, maybe by a different route to have a look.




Judging by the weather we drove home through, we were pretty lucky with what we got for our walk, lots of nice light on the hillsides and no rain.




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