Beinn Ghobhlach

I woke to grey sky and low cloud, at times obscuring the shore a couple of kilometres distant. Driving north I was in two minds, would the weather turn good or did I need to find a lower and therefore drier alternative to what I had intended? No rush, I enjoyed the drive, and rounding the bend, which reveals views of Little Loch Broom and across to my intended hill of Beinn Ghobhlach, showed that the higher ground was shrouded in mist but with a spectacular light shining on the peninsula further east towards Dundonnell. It was a sign … I think, walk on!


Arriving at Badrallach, the road end, I was surprised at the number of cars, maybe this is a popular walk. I headed along with a described route in mind, but a suggested rising traverse was never obvious to me and only when I reached a point where the path started to descend did I think about just heading directly upwards. I’m not the first to do so, as a cairn was nearby and a vague path too, which got me up to the same point I would otherwise have been at pretty quickly.



Looking up brought my attention to the fact that there was now a lot of blue in thd sky and things were looking much more promising than they had been earlier on. Arriving at the double lochan, the scenery picked up dramatically; views across to the rocky summit I was bound for and out west to the Summer Isles were opening up too. Following a swollen burn at first then some steep ground above it soon had me on the ridge line and a more rocky terrain. Views improved even more and soon Ullapool to the north east was revealed through light cloud, as were the hills of the Ben More Coigach group.









I lingered a while at the top, catching some sun and enjoying the views in most directions then followed the corrie rim round before descending through its centre. Clearly the rain from the previous evening was still draining off the hillside, slowly in flatter spots but in raging streams in others. One of these I would soon pass over and being already soaked and hot, a waterfall section looked like an attractive spot for some refreshment. It was too difficult to get safe access for a dip though so I held off and was rewarded shorfly after with a swim in the sea, very pleasant!




The coastal path soon had me out and just in time, some dark, threatening clouds ahead arrived just as I was changing, something I had to finish off in the car to escape the sudden downpour.

A cracking walk with great views as expected from the location, but something of a surprise given how the day had started out. The number of cars had grown, yet I had seen very few people all day and only on the coastal path, I had had the hill to myself.

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